Orthodox and Other Related Internet Mailing Lists

(derived from material posted earlier on the website of
Holy Trinity Cathedral OCA, San Francisco)

If you are an Orthodox Christian or are interested in Orthodoxy, you may wish to join one of the "mailing lists" listed below. Some are specifically for discussing Orthodox Christianity, but some relate to a field that may be of interest to those exploring Orthodoxy. Some information and subscription instuctions are included for each one.

Please note that not everything you find on these lists Orthodox in tone or content, and that they are not a good substitute for visiting or attending a good Orthodox parish in your area. The InterNet is not a Church.

  1. Orthodox Christianity List (somewhat moderated)
  2. Orthodox-Forum (canonical Orthodoxy)
  3. Orthodox World News (broadcast only)
  4. Orthodox Christian Fellowship Mailing List (broadcast only)
  5. International Orthodox Christian Charities List
  6. Dailing Readings Mailing Lists (daily passages from the Bible)
  7. Evangelical-Orthodox Conference.
  8. Hagiomail
  9. Dynamis
  10. BYZANS-L

Metanoia List
- This is a good list for new converts or inquirers to the Faith.


- Oldest and best of the Orthodox Internet discussion groups around.

DESCRIPTION: This list is dedicated to the exchange of information regarding Orthodox Christianity world-wide, especially its impact upon and resurgence within Russia & her neighbors.

To subscribe, send, to:


The message:

subscribe Orthodox your real name

LISTOWNER: Rev. Fr. Mark Gilstrap


Orthodox-Forum List


You can subscribe immediately. To subscribe send a message to:



CURRENT - Orthodox Forum List Guidelines

The Orthodox Forum is for Orthodox Christians and anyone else interested in the Orthodox faith. This List is independently operated with no connection to any particular Orthodox jurisdiction.

Four rules apply:

1) Respect towards all contributors is required;

2) Polemics are not allowed;

3) Postings are limited to three each day with the exception of news reports or other items of general interest as determined by the List Management;

4) Each post must be signed with the full name of the contributor, no pseudonyms allowed.

All discussion is to be conducted in a spirit of good will and humility. No disrespect toward any contributor is allowed.

Note that all polemical discussions, particularly those between different Christian confessions, are not allowed. The List Managers will summarily redirect subscribers engaging in polemics to mailing lists set up for that purpose.

Members of the Orthodox-Forum are subscribed by invitation of the List Management. The acceptance of your subscription presumes full compliance with the Orthodox Forum List Guidelines.

The List Management reserves the right to moderate, suspend, or cancel a subscription at any time, and to adopt such operating policies and procedures as necessary to support the published guidelines.

Welcome aboard!

OLDER (For historical interest) -

Welcome to the Orthodox Christian Forum List. You are subscribed and can post and receive messages. By subscribing to this List, you agree to the policies and definitions contained herein.

This List is for discussion between Canonical Orthodox Christians and others interested in the Orthodox faith. This List is independently operated with no connection to any particular Orthodox jurisdiction. Respect towards all Orthodox jurisdictions is required.

Discussion on the List is to be conducted in a spirit of love and humility, particularly when engaging Christians of non-Orthodox churches. Orthodox Christians believe that it is within the Orthodox Church that the full revelation of Christ to the world is preserved and where it can be experienced. We welcome those Christians who are not of the Orthodox faith but wish to learn more about it.

All posters must show respect towards one another. In those cases where respect is lacking, the List Advisors may intervene. If after the intervention the disrespect continues, the Advisors may end the offender's subscription.

While serious dialogue is the intention of this List, we welcome humor and personal anecdotes that do not violate the guidelines.

You may post a maximum of three (3) messages per day, unless you are re-posting news items or other messages with the permission of the List Manager.

When a topic has run its course and no new ground is being covered, the List Advisors may request that the topic be taken private.

This List defines canonical Orthodoxy as those jurisdictions in communion with the Ecumenical Patriarch. In America, the canonical Orthodox churches are members of the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in America (SCOBA).

For a complete List of canonical Orthodox Churches in the world and more information on SCOBA, see: http://www.oca.org/Orthodox-Churches/.


For questions about List policy, please contact the List Manager: Fr. Hans Jacobse, Jacobse@mci2000.com.

Along with Fr. Hans, the following people serve as List Advisors:

Bill Samsonoff (samsonw@global2000.net)
Christopher Kirill Sokolov (csokolov@ucsd.edu)
Harry Coin (n4comm@oa.net)


The List Manager, in consultation with the Advisors, will determine when the guidelines of this List have been violated. All matters will be handled privately. Offenders will be offered a warning, but if the problems continue the Advisors reserve the right to remove a subscriber. This List is not a public forum but is rather a discussion group formed by private invitation of the List Manager.

Orthodox World News

You can now receive the Orthodox World News (a service of Orthodox Ministry Access/Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America) via e-mail! To subscribe to the Orthodox World News listserver, send mail to majordomo@list.goarch.org and in the body of the e-mail, type (without the quotation marks) "SUBSCRIBE orthodoxnews"

More information can be obtained from the Orthodox World News WWW Site at http://www.goarch.org/worldnews.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship Mailing List

A mailing list for people interested in Orthodox Christian Fellowships at America's colleges and universities. To subscribe, send an e-mail to: majordomo@list.goarch.org. In the body of the e-mail, type in: subscribe ocf

International Orthodox Christian Charities List

To subscribe, send an e-mail to: iocc@list.omaccess.com

In the SUBJECT of the e-mail, type in: SUBSCRIBE

Daily Readings Mailing Lists

These lists are broadcast-only (no discussion) lists that simply send out, once per day, the Epistle and Gospel reading for that day, as they would be read in the Liturgy. During Great Lent, during the week, the Old Testament readings are sent.

There are two mailing lists, daily-reading and daily-reading-oc. They are largely identical except for one difference: daily-reading uses the gregorian calendar to compute fixed feasts (like Nativity, Annunciation, etc), while daily-reading-oc uses the julian calendar.

To subscribe to either one, send, to daily-reading-request@lists.best.com or daily-reading-oc-request@lists.best.com (depending on which one you want), the message:


And you will be sent a confirmation notice. This is a standard letter with a strange code in the subject. You then need to reply to this letter, and change, in the subject, the word "REJECT" (at the end) to "ACCEPT". It doesn't matter what you put in the body of the message. What is important is that the "REJECT" and "ACCEPT" appear in the Subject:. It will then send you a letter telling you that you are subscribed (it'll say "digest", but don't worry about that).

These lists are maintained by Michael Vezie at mlv@pobox.com.

Evangelical-Orthodox Conference

Info on evang-orth [Last updated on: Wed Oct 11 9:02:18 1995]

This conference exists to promote dialogue between Evangelical and Orthodox believers. It sprang out of the fifth annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism (SSEOE) at the Billy Graham Center on Wheaton College campus October 6-7, 1995. This conference is free, open to the Christian public, and is unmoderated (i.e., any member can post messages to all other members without the message first being forwarded to a moderator for review).

Our hope is that this on-line conference will provide a means of promoting the open exchange of ideas, pre-publication review of theological essays, announcements of relevant books and other articles, etc., both for members of the SSEOE and other like-minded Christians.

The SSEOE is a conservative Christian "think tank" that serves both the adademy and the church. All members affirm the Nicene Creed (_filioque_ open). It seeks to identify the similarities and differences between Eastern Orthodox and Evangelicals. Through its annual meetings and published papers, it endeavors to provide theological resources for reconstruction and renewal. In the words of its Constitution, its purpose is:

"To cultivate an academic understanding of the theological histories of the Orthodox and Evangelical traditions and their mutual relations in the areas of history, doctrine, worship and spirituality; to promote fellowship and mutual enrichment among scholars engaged in these activities; and to coordi- nate the work of such theologians in North America and abroad."

The SSEOE was begun in 1990 at the initiative of an Orthodox theologian along with several other young Orthodox and Evangelical scholars. All had personal and academic experience with both traditions. Convinced of the need for serious and sustained research in this unexplored territory, they pioneered the SSEOE in hopes of making the theological histories of their traditions known and understood in relation to each other. Their ultimate goal was to enrich their own traditions by removing false barriers which have divided them, while also identifying legitimate differences.

To subscribe, send an email to: Hub@xc.org

subscribe Evang-Orth


Electronic forum on Christian Hagiography (Greek, Latin, Oriental, Vernacular), established by the Societe des Bollandistes (Belgium). Aim: to encourage interdisciplinary links between Researchers in Hagiography and related fields (manuscripts, Church history, vernacular literature, folklore, liturgy, calendars, iconography of Saints, scholarship). Questions arising from research, brief notices about bibliographical matters and new publications may be posted in any modern international language.

To subscribe, send, to:


The message:

subscribe hagiomail


A Publication of St. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral
7515 E 13TH ST N
WICHITA KS 67206-1223
316/636-4656; FAX 316/636-5628
Internet: A3dynamis@aol.com

FROM: David C. Patton, Publisher

TO: Interested Readers of DYNAMIS

RE: Subscription Information

DATE: May 18, 1997

The Grace of our Lord, God and Savior, Jesus Christ be with you! DYNAMIS is an Orthodox Christian ministry providing meditations on the daily Bible readings of the Orthodox Church Lectionary. It is published by the Education Committee of the Cathedral parish. Its purpose is to encourage the faithful in daily reading and reflection on the Holy Scriptures along with the Church.

As a printed magazine, copies of the monthly issues are available to our parishioners or others at the Cathedral Bookstore at no charge. We also mail out copies by first class postage at $2.00 a month, which defrays our reproduction and postage costs. For this service, send your check made out to St. George Cathedral for any number of months you desire, up to one year. Copies are mailed before the third Sunday of the month, and earlier if possible. Parishes that wish to copy the texts and distribute them to their members are welcome to do so. We will gladly send subscribing parishes an unstapled set of masters for copying at the same $2.00 price. - let us know your needs. We also have "bundle" arrangements. Contact us for quantity prices.

In addition to printed copies, it is possible to receive DYNAMIS via the Internet on E-mail. Address requests for this service to the Cathedral's postal address or to our online address, A3dynamis@aol.com. There is no charge for this service. We send out the page for the next day one day in advance. The postings come in ASCII text. We continue to transmit daily until further notice. If at any time you wish to cancel the daily posting of the pages, please let us know.

We are interested in spreading the illumination and joy of daily Orthodox Bible reading wherever and however. Will you help the spread of this ministry by informing friends who might be interested in the service, by getting your parish, family or friends started in the practice of regular Bible reading, and also by naming us as your source whenever you copy for wider distribution? Help us encourage the Faithful in this fruitful discipline of reading with the Church! Finally, your editorial comments are considered a grace and are most welcome. They help improve the quality of the meditations and of this ministry in general.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Glory to the Consubstantial, Undivided and Holy Trinity!


BYZANS-L, the discussion list of current issues in Byzantine studies.

Since going on-line in December 1992, BYZANS-L has grown to include approximately 500 subscribers in 30 countries. Topics over the last three years have covered a wide range of topics related to historical Byzantium (ca. 312-1453 C.E.) and its larger cultural legacy. The comments I occasionally receive suggest that the list has become a modest but helpful forum for pursuing matters of academic and general interest in the field.

The University of Missouri-Columbia, which supports our list, has offered us a new home at the following address:


To subscribe:

Send to LISTPROC@LISTS.MISSOURI.EDU the following message (leaving the subject line blank):


Alternatively, send me a note at AHAMR@MIZZOU1.MISSOURI or AHAMR@SHOWME.MISSOURI.EDU and I'll try to help.

Marcus Rautman
BYZANS-L administrator

Synod List
- A discussion group for members of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

- A discussion group for members of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

Ustav List
- List for discussion of liturgical questions for Churches on the Old Calendar.

Typikon List
- List for discussion of liturgical questions.

The following are closed lists, for the use of clergy only:

OCA Clergy List

ROCOR Clergy List

ROCOR Clergy List (II)

SCOBA Clergy List